What We Do

OnyxPro has developed shielding technology to protect you and your family from harmful electromagnetic waves to safely use modern technologies and stay healthy.

With OnyxPro shielding products, you do not need to worry about mobile phones, Wi-Fi stations, wireless telephones (DECT) or laptops being close to your body, causing possible long-term harmful effects like fatigue, insomnia and even cancer, as our shielding technology, which is incorporated in clothing and accessories, protects against the harmful exposure of electromagnetic waves.

Our aim is to protect everyone who uses mobile phones, laptops, Wi-Fi or who lives near mobile base stations or radars, especially children and pregnant woman who are more vulnerable and more affected by electromagnetic radiation.

Electromagnetic radiation has long-term harmful effects, and studies to detect its possible hazardous influence are taking 20 to 30 years. Some of the studies are still in process, and while the studies are running, we are continuing to participate in lifelong experiments about feeling tired, having decreased energy levels, negatively affected working capacity, and reduced life quality and yet have not been asked to participate in such studies.

Electromagnetic high frequency waves cannot be visualized, can be sensed only by very few people, but are affecting everybody the same intensity. Our body contains water, which is a bipolar molecule that extensively absorbs these waves. This is the reason that microwave ovens work so well with all products that contain water. All newtelecommunication technology devices use high frequency electromagnetic waves for transmitting the signals from one place to another, which is the same electromagnetic energy that microwave ovens have, only they contain much less energy. However, recently, the energy level has been drastically increasing by many small sources that are used extensively by businesses and households, and the exposure time has also been increasing up to 24 hours a day.

OnyxPro produces multifunctional, fashionable clothing and accessories for people, homes, and offices that protect people from electromagnetic radiation caused by Wi-Fi, mobile phones, base stations, radars, wireless telephones, computers, and laptops or tablets.

Numerous scientific studies about electromagnetic long-term pollution and its harmful effects on living organisms have already proved the negative influence on human bodies, including the increased risk of cancer.

The main questions asked regarding electromagnetic radiation are the following:

  • How can you escape from electromagnetic waves since they’re everywhere?
  • How do you protect yourself and your loved ones when the waves are going through concrete, brick walls, wood, glass, and clothing?
  • How can you know that the waves are there?

On our website, we provide answers and solutions to these questions.

Who We Are

We are a new innovative company that combines science, technology, and design to show how we care about the health and well-being of our customers and world. We strictly follow the principles of our mission and focus on achieving our vision in the most effective way.


Mission of OnyxPro

To give the opportunity to our customers and followers to protect their families from electromagnetic radiation by superior products and to make the world a better place for everyone!

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Vision of OnyxPro

To be the worldwide first choice of our customers, partners, and suppliers in providing a healthy life style without decreasing the benefits and importance of new technologies!

Swiss Technology & Swiss Design


The development, the technology, and the design are made by OnyxPro in Switzerland. In the innovative Zurich, the company started its high-end product development and stands for quality and innovation like the country itself. We also have a pending patent for thei elaborated protection technology.

OnyxPro strongly holds to its operating principles and values, using fabrics made by a sustainable producer near the sewing location to avoid unnecessary CO2 production by long transportation distances. Furthermore, we stand for the maximal quality of our products, which we can assure with our production partner in Europe. The high-end sewing factory is located in Latvia and provides very good working conditions, and sustainable and fair salaries, thus complying well with OnyxPro’s values and believes.