Since I started wearing the Jacket before I go to Bed to sleep to protect myself against the Radiation of the Elektrosmog I noticed that when I wake up I have more energy and feel better. The only Reason I can justify and explain that, is that the Silver Protection within the Jacket does what it supposed to do and protects my Body against the Elektrosmog which I am exposed to from the Computer and other Devices in my Bedroom including my Mobile Phone.

The Material of the Clothing is very good and pleasant to wear, I would recommend anyone that wants to look after their Health to buy the Clothing with the Innovation of Onyxpro to prevent from Health Risks such as Cancer or any other Health Issues occurring. As one says “Prevention is always better than cure”.

I will for sure buy again from Onyxpro Clothing to use in my everyday Life to protect myself from the Elektrosmog radiation that I am Daily exposed to, as I have myself experienced the Benefits of wearing them and the Quality is superb.

Dario Cucci

Serve and Sell Master Coach

CEO of On-Call-Business Ltd